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Selection Of Toys

Aug 15, 2018

Interest is the best teacher of the baby, no matter how meaningful the design of the toy or how ingenious the design, if the baby does not like the toy, then the good toys are a set, so the interest is very important. Speaking of the child's interest, not only in the shape of the toy, but also in the shape and color, it should be exaggerated, cartoon and humorous, so that the color of the toy should be full of visual changes, so that in the process of play, the baby can imperceptibly guide the baby to recognize the different colors and shades. Of course, although the color should be bright, but also have a certain degree of softness, otherwise the long time especially bright color to stimulate the baby, especially a few months of baby, may cause their visual fatigue.

The color of our diy dollhouse miniature toy is not too bright, too glaring, and all kinds of shapes, which can arouse children's interest and stimulate children's childlike and hands-on ability.

The design and production of the diy wooden dollhouse toys originates from nature. Starting from the happy growth of the child, it is closer to the child's safety and health, and the flowers in the world are getting more and more brilliant.