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Safety Of Wooden Dollhouse Toys

Apr 24, 2018

Good toys must be safe. The safety of the toy should be the first thing to consider, because our baby's way of exploring the world is different from the adult. In addition to playing and watching it, he will smell it, even the most often put the toy in his mouth and bite a bit, knocking it hard, asking our toys to be safe. Hidden danger, if it is some toys that are easy to break off, if the toy has sharp edges and corners, it is not suitable for children. For a one year old baby, we request that the toy can be placed on the dinner plate, and when it is time to hold it up and bite, it is safe.

Our wooden dollhouse toys are safe and reliable. The main materials are wooden, paper, fabric and other accessories. They are mainly suitable for children over 8 years old. If younger children, it is recommended to make them with adults and parents.

For new dollhouse miniature:

1.For only one water-based pigment: has passed strict safety certification, is non-toxic, safe, environmentally friendly, free of heavy metals and volatile noxious odors.

2.Selection of raw materials: wood is used to import New Zealand logs, no scars, no deformation

Wooden dollhouse certificate.jpg