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Maintenance Of Children's Toys

Apr 24, 2018

1, keep the room clean, minimize dust, and clean the surface of toys with clean, dry and soft tools.

2, avoid long exposure to sunlight and keep the toys dry inside and outside.

3, when cleaning, we can take the necessary measures according to the size, small can first use tape to wear the parts of the worn parts, directly put into the washing machine to wash, dry, hang the cool place, and pat the toys intermittently, so that the fur, the stuffing is fluffy and soft. The big toys can find the filling seams, cut the stitches and remove the special parts of the padding (nylon cotton), which can not be taken (better to keep the outer shape). Wash the outer skin and dry it, then fill it in the toy epidermis, then stitch it up.

4. For the hair / cloth or dolls equipped with high intelligence electronics, stamens and sound, the electronic components (some are not waterproof) or batteries are taken out before cleaning to prevent water damage.

5, after cleaning the toys dry, clean comb or similar tools to follow the direction of fur neatly, so that its fur smooth and beautiful.

6. Look at the clean and sanitary of the five viscera of the plush toys. In the unqualified stuffing of toys, there are discarded plastic, fiber rope, paper scraps, and even the black heart cotton prohibited by the state.

7, twisting the eyes, nose, and mouth of the stuffed plush toys to see if it is strong. If the small parts on the toy are not in conformity with the national standard, they belong to the unqualified products.

8, for the sake of good health, we should regularly consume and clean the plush toys.