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KnowMe Craft M Series Mini Size Dollhouse With New Arrival Coming

Jun 06, 2019

DIY dollhouse has been many years, the previous is elaborate and complicated but now we want it to be more simple. We are committed to promoting it and hoping more people know dollhouse craft, to be more popular. 

Because we know to assembly the dollhouse need to spend lots of time and energy. In the end of last Spring, we launched a series of M model, the mini size dollhouse, it will be acceptable for the primary DIY assembly game player. We provide dust cover for this series products, it's convenient for collection by the player.

Usually, the average finish time of assembling a common DIY dollhouse is 10-12 hours, but for those M series, just is 3-4hours.

The theme of “Warm” for M series, has Bedroom, Reading Room, Living Room, Kitchen:

m series dollhouse  1

m series dollhouse 2

The blew two style, with light color:

m series dollhouse 3

      m series dollhouse 4

This year, also the end of Spring, we have new model for M series:

M-009 new  M-010 new  M-011 new

We don't have name for that three dollhouse yet, we're willing to get yor message for providing us a cute name.

See your guys next time with new products~