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DIY Wooden Toy Coordinating Hand-eye Ability

Nov 12, 2018

DIY wooden doll house adopts healthier and safer raw materials than plastic toys, so that children can practice hands, visual training and logical thinking during the process of playing; they can also become props for parent-child interaction and enhance parent-child relationship;


It can improve children's hand-eye coordination and imagination, so that children can better understand the world, recognize things, and house structure;
In addition, after the assembly, the child can feel a sense of accomplishment, and the cabin has become a beautiful scenery of home furnishings.


Nowadays, the toy market is constantly developing. Many companies have found that parents are more focused on puzzles when choosing toys for their children. In the process of playing, they can exercise their intelligence and other related aspects. And our DIY cabin toys are healthy and safe puzzle toys, parents and friends can rest assured to buy.