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DIY Wooden Dollhouse Miniature Helps Baby Grow Up Happy

Nov 21, 2018

It is a very effective process for children to learn and grow in the game. Children can better accept knowledge and broaden their imagination. Educational toys play a very important role in it. Among them, DIY dollhouse are toys that parents must buy for their children. How should they choose?

DIY wooden miniature doll house toys help the baby's happy growth, let's take a look at the reason for choosing a wooden dollhouse ministure kit.

1. Improve your child's imagination, hands-on ability, enhance interaction between parents and children, feelings between friends

2. With the concept of self-creation, children can play with their favorite ideas, including kitchen, bedroom, living room, study, etc.

3. Easy to assemble: only 1-3 hours for small size and 1-2 days for large size

4. Uses as a toy to send children, as a gift to send children, lover, friends; as a collector's collection, and as a home decoration after the completion of the assembly