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Development Of Wooden Toys

Aug 15, 2018

Wooden toys in the category of toys in the category of toys, history has a long history, wooden toys in the European and American developed countries of the historical development of each stage, the unique cultural ideology in Europe and the United States, the history of their respective countries, the German wooden toys are the earliest and most famous. In the ancient times of Germany, there was a belt lathe, the wooden toy was processed by a belt lathe, and then polished by hand. The size of this kind of wooden toy was from a few feet to a large number of toys, and the most representative of these toys was the wooden ark.

Due to changes in the times, its content has also changed. Simple wooden toys have been developed into wooden hauling toys for trains, ships, cars and even airplanes, presenting a thriving scene of wooden toys.

Despite the development of science and technology and the replacement of new materials, wooden toys are strong and playable, safe and hygienic, not broken, not rusting, no sharp edges and corners, can be said to never disappear, and will continue to grow with the development of human society.

Our wooden toys are made of wood, like a really house, very DIY creativity, and assembly with glue together, become a popular diy wooden toy in the society.