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Classification Of Children's Toys

Apr 24, 2018

As far as its material is concerned, the common children's toys are wooden toys, plastic toys, plastic toys, metal toys and cloth toys. For their functions, the most popular children are the development of intellectual toys.

Functional class

Jigsaw toys: improving children's cognitive ability, analytical ability, imagination, and developing children's sense of accomplishment.

Beach toys: cheap beach toys are one of the most profitable toys for children to play outside. It can develop children's sense of hands-on and enhance their imagination and practical ability.

Game toys: on the basis of improving children's cognitive ability, develop their children's hands-on and brain ability, develop their thinking, exercise skills and the ability to coordinate hand eye.

Digital abacus text class: at the same time training children inlay ability, carry on the exercise of big action, train the fine action of the child, enlighten the child to understand the shape, number, quantity, and then exercise the flexibility of the muscles.

Tool class: let the children understand and master the shape, color and structure of various tools. In this process, the children's practical ability and hand eye coordination ability and the development of imagination are trained.

The combination of intelligence: cultivating children's spatial imagination and fine hands-on ability, so as to deepen the rational understanding of the shape and color of time, animals, transportation tools and houses. Building blocks: stimulate the children's hands-on interest, train children's rational combination of awareness and space imagination; clever drag design, exercise children's walking ability, encourage the children's creative sense of achievement.

Traffic toys: by improving children's cognition and understanding of the structure of trains, cars and various engineering cars, the ability of assembling, dragging and finishing is trained on the basis of some, to improve the hands-on consciousness and self-care ability, and to understand the transformation relationship between objects.