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Christmas Gifts Diy Doll House

Sep 22, 2018

Christmas is coming, as a Christmas gift and toy, many national wholesalers say that the demand for our diy dollhouse is getting bigger and bigger, and some models of products occasionally appear temporarily out of stock.


Some information of our wooden doll house
Material: Wood
Package: Here are some Wood, paper, fabric, accessories, etc..
Size: Big, medium, miniature, just for your like
Weight: Generally less than 2KG, the specific weight depends on your specific model
Production cycle: Some models we have in stock, if not, the manufactured time is within 1 week.


In order to welcome the Christmas, we specially launched the Christmas series DIY doll house. If you are interested in or interested in our other models of doll houses, please contact us as soon as possible, we will support your needs and arrange factory production.