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Wooden Dollhouse Miniature Sofa Pillow Set

Jan 06, 2019

May be some people don't know exactly how to make a beautiful looking pillow for your first time to assembly.

Today, We would like to share how to make the dollhouse miniature wooden safa pillow set of K-028 dollhouse, the steps are as follows´╝Ü

1.As shown D08 cloth folded on both sides

Dollhouse Miniature Wooden

2.As shown fold the cloth

Dollhouse Miniature Furniture Set

3.Cut two corners as shown

Dollhouse Miniature Kit manufacturer

4.As shown appropriate amount of D16 cotton

Wooden Dollhouse Miniature DIYDollhouse Miniature DIY Suppliers

5.Finished the Pillow

DIY Doll house FactoryMiniature Dollhouse kids toys

6.Put the pillow on the sofa and put it well

DIY Dollhouse Miniature Furniture

7.Wooden Dollhouse Miniature Sofa Pillow Set

Wooden Dollhouse Miniature Set