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Toy Museum

Apr 24, 2018

The first children's Museum in the world - the Broolyn children's museum was born in the United States in 1899, and the world's largest children's Museum, Indiana polis children's Museum, is a toy paradise. In 2004, the first Chinese mainland children's museum was in the second teenage palace in the Pearl River New Town, Guangzhou. It was built. Taiwan is the world's toy production base. It is also a paradise for toys collection in the world. The Taiwan Toy Museum, Mr. Changjiang Wen, shared more than a thousand toys for more than 30 years to share with all the players, from the toy "casting pot", "the promotion map", the doll to the modern remote control robot, from the first generation unbeatable iron diamond, the "five one" "Datong baby", and then to macadang. Lao's plastic dolls, toys in every era have a story. Ancient water guns, bamboo water guns, marbles, bamboo cicadas, bamboo bow and arrows, Rickers, straw crickets, bottle caps, and copper tube cars, and a series of old toys made of tinplate, such as Matchbox cars and cradles, are all the most popular toys of the year, such as today they have become valuable collectibles.