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The Origin of DIY Toys

Aug 25, 2018

At the beginning, the term DIY is mainly used for housing renovation and garden maintenance. People don't want to spend too much money to find professionals to build. Instead, they use their own purchase or rental tools and purchased materials to renovate their homes in their leisure time. However, with the development of society, human progress, and gradually the concept of DIY has been extended to all things that can be done by themselves, such as self-assembling parts, making handmade cards, etc., without a specific definition of the scope of use. The purpose of DIY has also evolved from a reason to save money in the beginning to a leisure, personal creativity or cultivating hobby.

The beginning of DIY seems to be the psychology of people wanting to save money. In order to pay less, people will inevitably choose to "do it themselves" and give up "others/machines." After many people have calculated their economic accounts, they feel that they are more affordable than buying, and they are more likely to do it themselves. Because the industrial production cost is much lower than the artificial production cost due to the scale operation, and the cost is not high and convenient, people may not hold the DIY.

But when people look tired of the stereotypes of industrial products on the market, or the market products of the same market can not meet the special needs of their own homes, the idea of "Do it yourself" (I do it myself) may come to life. Do what you need, do what you want, do your own unique work in the market, and become a higher-level pursuit of DIY.

Diy toys are also born in such an era. Faced with the same products, DIY handmade dollhouse toys makes many people pleasantly surprised and moved.