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The market of Wooden Toy

Oct 13, 2018

It is understood that in China's toy market, although wooden toys are very simple and traditional compared with other categories, wooden toys have attracted the attention and favor of many consumers because of their environmental, natural and healthy characteristics.


Recently, there have been many wooden toy enterprise brands in the world and domestic toy exhibitions. Some wooden toy enterprise brands have received warm acclaim from domestic and foreign toy buyers.


Wooden toys are traditional single toy products, but wooden toys (such as an ordinary building block toy) can also have many possibilities to integrate play house, knowledge and culture into wooden toys inside the product. The wooden toy itself has a lot of playability, so that the parents, children and friends around can participate in it, including the image and the gameplay, to enjoy the time together.


The future development trend of wooden toys in China is obvious, and it is connected with education. An early education expert told reporters that some of today's young parents are very busy working people. They don't have much time to take care of the children in their homes. They are even more lacking in their early education.

In response to this situation, the current wooden toy manufacturers in the domestic toy market have launched a number of wooden puzzle children's toys to make up for a small part of the family education, children from 0 to 6 years old can be in these wooden puzzles Under the influence of children's toys, learn and contact this new world and get some exercise and training from it. In addition, on the basis of traditional wooden toys, the characteristics of sound and light elements such as lights and music are added, which are more popular among children. Toys tend to enjoy life and feel the existence of fun, not only for children, but also for adults.