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The education of children's toys

Apr 24, 2018

The use of Toy Games is not just playing, but rather a good form of education for children. For example, children in games, sometimes play "traffic police", hold a baton in hand, seriously command the vehicles and pedestrians; sometimes play the "doctor", see the patient, and sometimes use the building blocks "building buildings", as if the architect. No matter what role the child plays, it is necessary to imagine what the role it plays, to imitate their movements and language, to experience their feelings and attitudes towards the things that they have, to learn the noble qualities of people, to be conscientious, to be enthusiastic, and to do any job for the children in the future. They all lay a good foundation.

The use of Toy Games to cultivate good character of infants is an effective way to carry out ideological and moral education for children. In the game, children imitate the attitude of adult to labor and all things, experience people's thoughts and feelings, and can gradually understand the moral norms and customs of the society.

We should use Toy Games to educate children in aesthetic education. The rich and colorful games create the conditions for children to get beauty. In the game, young children can not only feel beauty, but also improve their aesthetic ability, and learn to create beauty by various means.