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The definition of Toys

Oct 25, 2018

     Since toys are mainly aimed at a special group of children, toys that people usually refer to generally refer to children's toys. Regarding the definition of children's toys, different countries and regions have different interpretations. Children's toys have a significant impact on children's physical and mental development and even safety.


    Previously, the definition of children's toys in the United States was “consumer products designed for children 12 years old and younger for children to play with”. The EU Directive defines children's toys as "products designed or intended to be used in games for children under 14 years of age, whether dedicated or not."


    According to China's regulations, toys refer to “designing or booking all products or materials for children under the age of 14”; later revised as toys, “ toys designed or intended for use by children under 14 years of age, also for non-specialized Designed for play, but has a playable function for children under 14 years old."


    With the continuous development of science and technology and the cultural industry, the functions of toys are becoming more and more diversified. Toys can gradually meet more needs of human beings. Toys designed for adults and even the elderly are quietly emerging and occupy a certain proportion of the toy market. The definition of toys is not limited to children's toys but has a richer connotation. Therefore, a broad sense of toys refers to everything that can be used to play, and people can get a certain degree of satisfaction by playing with toys. With the development of the toy industry and changes in people's perceptions, there are more and more toys for adults.