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The classification of toys

Oct 28, 2018

There are many kinds of toys. In daily life, according to different standards, toys are usually classified as follows: According to the main materials, toys can be divided into metal toys, plastic toys, paper toys, plush toys, cloth toys, wooden Toys, bamboo toys, etc., toy safety and environmental standards are mainly based on the characteristics of different materials.


    According to the user's age, toys can be divided into baby toys, baby toys, baby toys, children's toys and adult toys. Different ages have different preferences for toys. In general, children (from baby to children) are still toys. The mainstream of toys, but the development of adult toys in recent years is also very rapid.


    According to the main functions, toys can be divided into educational toys, sports toys, science and education toys, decorative toys, etc. The higher and higher requirements for toy functions have become the constant trend of toy development, and the role of toys in developing children’s intelligence has gradually been adopted by the society. Pay attention to the fact that parents pay more attention to their puzzle function when purchasing toys for children.


    The company's products are mainly based on wooden toys, which are divided into small, medium-sized and big three kinds of holiday suit big doll houses, miniature dollhouse, secret tin boxes dollhouse, glass ball styles, dollhouse furniture, etc. A variety of functions such as entertainment, science and education, puzzle, decoration and sports.