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The Benefits of Making Toys Together

Sep 15, 2018

What are the benefits of making toys together between parents and children, in addition to enhancing the feelings between parents and children, enhancing kids hands-on ability and cooperation spirit?

4.Learning more knowledge

In the process of hands-on production, as well as self-made toys made by myself, the child also learned a lot of knowledge, such as how to draw a straight line with a ruler, windows and tiles on the house, and then complicated No matter what, the foundation must be fastened and have a certain width, the building can be stabilized and so on. Of course, some knowledge may be beyond the understanding of children, but in the process of working with parents, it also teaches children, gradually understand the architectural things around them, and it is easier for children to remember. Work and rest, let the children win at the starting line.

5.Enriching Children's Imagination

In the process of making toys with parents, the child not only learned the knowledge, but also enriched the imagination of the children. The children will put all the homemade buildings together, saying that it is their own town, then take a toy car and walk through the building. The mouth keeps compiling and guiding the story, such as going to the next door to play. , kitchen cooking, eating, going to the store to buy things and so on. Mom and Dad are very happy to watch the children play.

6.The interest is more concentrated

The toys that are made by yourself can make the children feel more fulfilled, play more fun and more interesting. Compared with other birthday Christmas gifts, they are more interested in the toys they make, the ones that are unique to them. . Not to mention children, even our adults, this is the case!

There are so many benefits of making toys together between parents and children. Why not choose one of these educational toys? Just like DIY wooden miniature dollhouse, it needs to assembly diy by yourself. So funny!