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The battery connection method of DIY Wooden Dollhouse

Dec 08, 2018

All of our diy miniature dollhouse kits are basically with led lights, and need batteries to light up the lights. Now we would like to share with you how to connect the battery box and wire extension installation for diy dollhouse

1.Take out the battery box, LED light, extension cord, tools: self-adhesive cloth, two batteries (battery-owned)

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2.Put the battery into the battery box, pay attention to distinguish between positive and negative

DIY Miniature Dollhouse

3.LED lamp positive and negative distinction

Wooden Miniature Dollhouse

4.Scrape the edge rubber on both sides of the cut wire to expose the wire about 0.5-1cm.

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5.Connect the extension cable to the LED light wire separately (without the positive and negative poles, the wire is wound together)

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6.Connect the positive pole of the LED light to the red wire of the battery case, and connect the negative electrode to the black wire (the positive pole is connected to the positive pole and the negative pole is connected to the negative pole)

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7.Battery box and LED bulb wire connection completed

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8.Turn on the battery compartment switch and test if the LED light is shining normally.

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9.Stick all the wire joints with stickers to prevent short circuit.

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