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Popular Pink DIY Dollhouse for Girls

Oct 12, 2018

Every little girl has a pink princess dream in her heart. Pink, always gives a romantic and dreamy atmosphere. Share some of our pinks miniature dollhouse furniture:


1. Dollhouse Item: My Little  House

Product size:42*30*18CM

Weight: 1.61KG/PC


2. Dollhouse Itme: Kitty Princess House
Full of Kitty style, realize your princess dream

Product size:17*13*13CM

Weight: 0.64KG/PC



3.Dollhouse Itme: Pink Girl
Pink-filled cottage with a girlish atmosphere

Product size:17*13*13CM

Weight: 0.64KG/PC


4.Dollhouse Itme: My pink memories
The feeling of pink is very warm and intimate. Dedicating this pink memory to the beloved TA, letting her weave beautiful memories, or decorating the children’s pure dreams with their children.

Product size: 24*21*18 CM

Weight: 1.02KG/PC



(Tips: The dollhouse is not the finished product, needs assembly diy by yourself.)


Although the house is small, it looks more delicate and lovely. It is suitable for placement in the bedroom, home living room, office and store, etc. It is a good decoration for decoration and creative gifts.


Is there an ideal room in your mind?