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M Series Miniature Wooden Dollhouse Kitchen Bedroom

Aug 29, 2018

Mini DIY Dollhouse Kitchen Bedroom Wooden Assembled Model

Product size : 11.5*11.5*12 CM
Packing Size: 22.8*6*21.2 CM
Material : Wood
Price : USD 5-8.5


Baby contains:
The raw materials (cloth, plastic, wood, crepe paper...) of each part in the renderings, wooden frame, sandpaper, detailed production instruction manual, a bottle of glue.


The biggest feature of this dollhouse: all the accessories should not be colored by themselves, the walls of the wooden house are already luscious, and the furniture accessories are also lascivious!

As long as the pieces of wood need to be glued to themselves. The fabric needs to be sewn. The raw material making steps are divided into several small packages, which can be completed in several times. It takes three to two days to complete a finished product (depending on the individual). Manual proficiency).