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How to build the diy miniature dollhouse toys with glue

Dec 12, 2018

According to our DIY miniature dollhouse, choose the glue you want to use.

This is an alcohol glue, which belongs to quick-drying glue and can be glued to anything.

DIY Miniature dollhouse toys

This is a UHU glue made in Germany. It is also an alcohol glue. Anything can be glued.

wooden miniature dollhouse furniture

This is a white latex glue, which is a slow-drying type, generally used to stick wallpaper, paper accessories, etc.

wooden miniature dollhouse toys

Prepare the materials: doll house planks, doll house wallpaper, discarded cardboard, white latex glue, paper towels, etc.

dollhouse miniature furniture

1.Pour the right amount of white latex onto the board

diy wooden dollhouse furniture

2.Use a waste cardboard to evenly brush the glue

wooden miniature dollhouse toys for girl

3.Put the wallpaper on the board and adjust the position to compact

educational toys wooden dollhouse

4.Wipe the surface of the wallpaper with a clean paper towel to avoid the appearance of bubbles.

wooden educational dollhouse toys

Note: If the glue sticks to the hand, it can be washed away with water.