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How Choose A Toy for Kids?

Aug 31, 2018

For children, in addition to many many small partners, they have many toys to accompany in their childhood memory. Many young parents almost always tighten their belts to buy a variety of small toys for their babies, because toys have long been the child's early education counselors.


Toys play an indispensable role in many early education centers. They believe that toys occupy a big key position in the growth of children. In addition to being able to promote the development of their muscles while playing with toys, children can also exercise their minds. In the interaction with the toy, not only can the children experience the fun of the game, but also indirectly understand many rules, these are very helpful.


The type of toys on the market can be said to be dazzling, so how do you choose scientifically a toy for your child? We can start by type:


First, Play house toys
The play family only refers to the children playing family members. In fact, the play house can be other role-playing games, often referred to as “pretend games”, such as playing chefs and guests, doctors and patients, shop assistants and customers, students and teachers. ... It is not easy for young children to play games for adults or other characters because of their age limitations, so they often need to use their imagination.
1. For example, the teddy bear as a "wow" crying baby, the spoon in the handle as a stethoscope.
2. Played in the home game, the more imaginative, the more lively children play.
3. Because imagination, often equal to intelligence, and childhood imagination exercises will also promote intellectual growth.


Second, DIY assembling toys
The style is simple, the gameplay is changeable, and the baby can play with big babies, such as DIY Wooden Dollhouse, Puzzle Toys and so on. This type of toy exercise ability and intellectual improvement are all beneficial. Hand and eye coordination and other body functions require training and gradually build up. Toys are one of the best training tools. For example, a child will build a wooden dollhouse miniature, in addition to the use of the mind, but also the cooperation of hand functions. Therefore, toys have great benefits for the development of children's muscle activity and physical function.
1. Improve your baby's ability to do it
2. Stimulate your baby's mental thinking
3. Promote parent-child relationship harmony


Third, Sports toys
Children's current gaming venues are becoming more and more limited, and most of the time is indoors, suppressing the cells of children's beating. Children in childhood should be playful and lively. In addition to fun, they can also promote the development of children's movements, such as small balls, carts and so on. In fact, it is to let the children exercise more.