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Dollhouse Short History And Birth Of KnowMe Craft In China

May 30, 2019

Dollhouses history can back to 400 years ago in Europe. At the beginning, dollhouse as the baby room to showcase home interior decoration and accessories. The unique design and ingenious details makes it as a symbol of wealth for the rich, it becomes toy to those royal and noble children.

stromer house

Stromer House   (Will delete picture if we infringe copyright)

This is the famous dollhouse in early years, now is is in the Germanisches National Museum.

With advent of Industrial Revolution, dollhouses are going to mass-production and become popular in Europe country. The North American countries also knew dollhouse soon after. As the World Wars affecting in Europe countries, the dollhouses production was transferred to North America, and it has more extensive production than before, so the lower price can let dollhouse flow in to common people’s market.


Dollhouse in Netherlands, 1974. (Will delete picture if we infringe copyright)

We were infected by miniature dollhouses culture ten years ago, then built a factory and manufactured different types of miniature dollhouses. Most dollhouses have been popular with many DIY craft and miniature scenes fans. At the same time, we hope more and more people can feel us miniature craftsmanship in our cheap and cheerful dollhouse.

This is our brand logo <iiecreate>: 


Here is our Hot Sale model:

dollhouse 13007

dollhouse detials 13007

We can see the dollhouse turn to modern style, more colorful and bright, and some of accessories are made of plastics, it's most different with the dollhouse in 400 years ago.

Hope the above information can let you know more about "dollhouse", and let us to be one of the craft fans in miniature products.