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Dollhouse Furniture Bed Factory

Jan 04, 2019

The Dollhouse Furniture Bedroom is one of our hot sale diy dollhouse furniture modles from Know Me Craft Factory, standard dollhouse already contains a dust cover, no need to buy a dust cover separatly.

Miniature Handmade Dollhouse Furniture

miniature dollhouse furniture

1.Find the bed board

Dollhouse Furniture Bed Factory

2.Paste the dollhouse bed board as shown

Dollhouse Furniture BedroomDollhouse Furniture Factory

3.Paste the bed top as shown

DIY Dollhouse Furniture Factory

4.Paste the foot of the dollhouse bed

Dollhouse Miniature Furniture

5.Paste the mattress

Dollhouse Furniture diy FactoryDIY Miniature Furniture Bed

6.As shown, Put the pillow and paste the quilt.

Dollhouse kits miniature Furniture

7.Finished the Dollhouse Miniature Kits

Dollhouse Furniture Bedroom Factory