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Choose A Safe Children's Toys

Aug 17, 2018

On August 10, The AQSIQ Defective Product Management Center issued a number of China-made children's toys EU recall notice, the product defects and possible consequences are as following:

1.Spring Flower Happy Singing Trucks: Small parts (metal screws) are easily removed from the toy. In addition, the excavator's boom protrudes and the child may place small parts or protruding booms, which puting them in the mouth, it may block the respiratory tract and cause suffocation.


2. Soft toys: For example, dinosaur eggs, small parts will fall off the toy and produce small parts. If the child puts the small parts into the mouth, they may block the respiratory tract.


3.Charm Girls Sofia the First Plastic Doll: The plastic material of the doll's head contains diethylhexyl phthalate (DEHP). These phthalates may be harmful to children's health and may be caused damage for reproductive system.