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Analysis of Crafts and Gifts Industry

Aug 22, 2018

Since joining the WTO, China's handicraft industry has been continuously developed, but it also exposes many problems that need to be solved urgently, such as product similarity, counterfeiting, lack of design innovation ability. The Chinese gift industry under the WTO background faces greater opportunities and challenges, and gift companies need to be keenly aware of industry trends.

Personalization is the common direction of the development of the gift industry. Crafts gifts are one of the most advocating individualized industries. Without individual differences, the industry will be difficult to survive. However, because the size of the enterprises in the gift industry is generally small, short-sightedness that follows the trend of the wind is not uncommon, which has greatly stifled the innovation passion of some enterprises. For the sustainable development of the company itself and the industry, gift companies should strengthen their own design and innovation capabilities, strengthen division of labor and cooperation, and produce differentiated personalized products.

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